We help our customers identify all their risk exposures and make sure they are well prepared for the unexpected.

Our Clients

Business Owners

As a business owner, you know having the right insurance is vital to your business security. You also know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be trying to figure out if you have the right cover...

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Tradespeople are always in the move, time is money and sometimes getting the right insurance advice can be a hard task. Get in touch with our team of advisers on 1300 300 561, alternatively we can com...

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Insurance2U understands the pressures on families to cope with everyday expenses, education and other costs associated with running a household and looking after your family. Our goal is to help you g...

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Mortgage or Rent, car loan, credit card, school fees, fuel, food and utilities , these are bills we all have to deal with and our income is the one thing which helps to cover them all. Insurance2U is ...

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High Risk Occupations

Insurance2U Brokers have access to a broad range of local and international underwriters. We are able to help cover most occupations, even those considered as high risk for example: Tree Loppers Plant...

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Whether you’re travelling for pleasure, business or to volunteer overseas, you need the right travel insurance. Insurance2U offers a competitive range of policies for either single trip cover, or mu...

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